Engineering Services

The Raven Aerostar engineering team is a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in sensor technology, airborne system design, and command/control systems. Raven Aerostar is committed to customer success via the customization of standard products, system-level design for end-user CONOPs, sensor integration, and customized machine interfaces for the fusion of data between systems. Because our technologies are used by U.S. Government agencies and industry partners, Raven Aerostar supports a variety of engineering project models — from acting as a prime contractor and system integrator, to designing mission-specific components for integration with existing systems.

Mission Planning

Planning is critical to mission success. Raven Aerostar provides mission planning capabilities to solve customer needs.

Successful mission planning begins with understanding the customer requirements, mission requirements, and Concept of Operations (CONOPS). Several balloon platform configurations are available to support a variety of sensor payloads and mission types.

To achieve mission success, Raven Aerostar conducts historical wind analysis and flight trajectory analysis to optimize sensor performance for the area of operations. The Thunderhead System provides platform command and control (C2) as well as in-situ awareness of sensor operations and mission progress.

Airborne System Design

With a rich heritage of past experience in designing airborne systems, spanning aircraft, balloons, airships, and aerostats, Raven Aerostar stands ready to create custom flight vehicles for any application. Raven Aerostar provides end-to-end development and fabrication, including materials specification, vehicle design, control and communication systems, propulsion systems, and launch and recovery solutions.

Command & Control Systems

Raven Aerostar has developed a framework of tools to create an effective and intuitive common operating picture for applications from piloting to battlefield management. These systems combine information from multiple data sources to provide situational awareness, in addition to allowing for direct control of platforms and sensors. The software powering the interface can be scaled efficiently to larger and smaller hosts and supports multiple vectors of deployment, from dedicated, embedded processing units, to standard PCs, to cloud-hosted systems for larger applications.

Sensor Design

Raven Aerostar has designed and integrated a wide range of sensor systems. The team develops and maintains radar solutions, including antenna arrays, electronics, software, and signal processing. We also have experience specifying and integrating camera systems, either ground-based or airborne, and various other atmospheric, measurement, and communications sensors.

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